We have moved to a flat rate for service work. Why did we choose to do this? Mostly for transparency for you, our customer!

Often when people called, they want prices based on a description of what they thought was happening and and “band-aid” applied. Under this new flat rate system, we charge a call out fee of $89 for one of our professionals to come to your home and not only assess what is happening but then present you with several options to solve your problem.

Often there are things a professional can do that are preventative, for peace-of-mind or are just plain luxuries. Our technician can then explain these options and you can choose your level of service from “Platinum” right down to “Band-aid”. This means you know exactly what you are getting and for what price. When you choose a package, the call out fee is waived.

Hourly-rates are still used for some situations such as consultations, design, shop work (such as custom sheet metal orders), and some industrial, commercial or special projects.

Lastly, new construction packages and furnace change-outs, due to their complexities, are still quoted free of charge.

We have a full complement of professionals to help you install, maintain and repair any of your mechanical systems including:

  • in-house hydronic and HVAC design
  • forced air heating
  • temperature zoning (forced air and hydronic)
  • ventilation and make up air
  • air conditioning
  • boiler/ hydronic systems
  • plumbing
  • water heating
  • in-house water testing for hardness, total dissolved solids, pH, iron, manganese and chlorine
  • water treatment including reverse osmosis
  • custom sheet metal fabrication
  • humidification
  • air filtration/purification
  • gas fitting
  • high input commercial/ industrial gas appliances
  • metal roofing, siding and cladding
  • service and maintenance